February Favorites

February Favorites

just a few of my favorite things this past month…

British Baking Show 

Okay, I am actually hooked on this show. It feels as if every time I watch it I am living vicariously through these individuals. What’s better than an incredible baking show and a girl that loves to bake? Nothing. 🙂


If you haven’t seen it, you MUST watch it. But really.

“milk and honey” & “the sun and her flowers”

by Rupi Kaur

The last month or so, I’ve found myself infatuated with poetry. When I came across the author Rupi Kaur and her poetry books, I just had to have them. I find myself going back to these books in times of desperation when all I need is a good book and a cup of tea. The poems in these books range anywhere from love and sadness to trauma and healing. This collection of poems take you along Rupi Kaur’s journey of trauma and sadness to love and healing. I can promise you that these books will change your perspective on life.


TED talks

If you don’t listen to TED talks frequently, I suggest starting. Like right now. I love love love TED talks and there is a TED talk for anything and everything you could possibly need.

Here are some of my favs

(this talk by Ken Robinson was so inspirational, informative, and was really what got me into TED talks. This is a must watch)


I have never been so addicted to my record player. It was probably honestly the greatest tangible gift I have ever received. It just makes me so happy to be able to play vinyls. What are some vinyls I keep listening too on repeat? Gavin James “Bitter Pill” and Sam Smith “The Thrill of it All”. These are two of the greatest albums of all time.


Watercolor Painting

Okay, I’m probably the least artistic person ever and I really don’t have much talent at all. However, I have picked up the hobby of watercolor painting. It is so therapeutic and I just love being able to sit down, play some music and just paint. Even though it’s not something I am the best at, I find it so fun. So if you are looking for a new hobby, this is it. I promise it won’t disappoint.